Safety around your home

For your safety’s sake and that of your family, it’s worthwhile taking some time to read the following safety tips relating to electricity around the home and outdoors.

Safety checks

Ausgrid recommends that customers arrange for regular safety checks of their existing or newly purchased home, especially where old wiring has deteriorated and become unsafe. Special attention should be paid to all the following aspects of existing installations:

  • Service neutral links and the customer's active and neutral links
  • Overhead point of attachment including exposed consumers mains that are often prone to ultraviolet degradation
  • Structural integrity of private pole As (and other private poles)
  • Old hinged wooden switchboards
  • Obsolete service fuses
  • Old underground service termination boxes and old overhead mains connection boxes
  • Private aerial mains, particularly bare mains in bush fire prone areas

It is recommended that periodic checks be carried out on safety switches (every six months) and circuit breakers (every two years) in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations and Australian Standards. Any identified potential safety hazards associated with Ausgrid's service mains should be referred to Ausgrid's emergency services on 13 13 88 and we will carry out any necessary repairs.

Following these simple electricity safety tips could literally save your life:

  • Get a licensed electrician to carry out any kind of rewiring, installation of new powerpoints or lighting.
  • Use only extension leads with three pinned plugs. That way electricity will flow through the earthing pin, and not through your body.
  • Overloading your power points can be dangerous. Use only one double adapter per power point.
  • Just like overloading a powerpoint, you can also overload your property’s electrical panel if you install too many appliances. This is very dangerous and can lead to a number of issues, including possible electrocution. Contact a licensed electrician immediately if you have constant blown fuses, or notice buzzing or sparking on your electrical panel.
  • When using a ladder, be aware of your surroundings. Keep your distance from powerlines at all times.
  • When painting, don’t remove powerpoints or switches as this could expose live wires. Instead, try to mask around them.