Christmas lights

If you’re about to dust off your Christmas decorations for another year, Ausgrid has some simple advice to help you and your family celebrate safely. Download our printable 'Safety First at Christmas' guide with helpful tips on decorating safely this festive season.

Safety first

  • If your lights have been in storage for the past year check cords, bulbs and plugs for signs of damage before you plug them in.
  • Always turn the power off before replacing bulbs.
  • Don’t overload power points or power boards.
  • If your home doesn’t have a safety switch, use a power board with one built in.
  • Make sure children are supervised around Christmas lights at all times.

Decorating the tree

  • Put your lights on the tree first followed by other decorations, making sure they aren’t touching each other.
  • Keep tinsel and other decorations away from lights, power boards and sockets.
  • Position your tree away from curtains and other soft furnishings that may be flammable.

Outdoor light displays

  • Only use lights specifically designed for outdoor use.
  • Stay well away from overhead powerlines.
  • Attach lights to your home using tape, cable ties or clamps never use nails.
  • Take care when working at heights or using a ladder.
  • Stay well away from the service line that connects your home to the electricity network.
  • Don’t run Christmas lights on or near the service line, over swimming pools or ponds.
  • Switch off your Christmas lights when it rains.

Extension cords

  • Make sure joins in extension cords aren’t exposed to the weather.
  • Fully unroll extension cords to keep them from overheating.
  • Make sure your extension cords don’t pose a trip hazard or are run across driveways.

General tips

  • Turn your Christmas lights off before leaving home or going to bed.
  • Don’t move or adjust lights while they’re switched on.