Fallen powerline safety

fallen powerline banner

Storms, strong winds, falling trees and vehicle accidents can bring overhead powerlines crashing to the ground. Fallen powerlines are dangerous and should not be touched or approached under any circumstances.
Always assume that wires are live and keep your distance.  

Any object in contact with powerlines could be live and the area is more dangerous in wet conditions as water is an excellent conductor. Metallic objects, including fences will be electrified if they touch or are even close to a live fallen powerline. Even a tree branch can be a potential conductor of electricity if it is in contact with a live wire.

If you find powerlines on the ground keep well clear and phone Ausgrid on 13 13 88 or emergency services on 000 for help immediately.

If a vehicle collides with a power pole:

  • Occupants should stay in the vehicle until help arrives if the powerline is in contact with the vehicle
  • Never approach, attempt to rescue or allow others to approach any machinery or vehicles in contact with power lines
  • Stay a minimum of 8 metres from the vehicle (about a bus length away)
  • Call 000 and Ausgrid on 13 13 88 immediately

If you believe your life is threatened by staying in the vehicle:

  • Open the door
  • Avoid touching the ground and the car at the same time
  • Jump clear, landing with both feet together
  • Shuffle away making sure you keep both feet on the ground at all times