Getting ready for storm season

When a storm strikes it can cut the power supply to a neighbourhood or create a serious electrical hazard. Help keep your family safe by getting your home ready before storm season hits.

Electricity safety - how to prepare your home for a storm - a set of tips from Ausgrid

Tip # 1 Tidy up outdoors

It's a good idea to put away loose items - like garden tools and furniture - before a storm hits. Otherwise they could fly away in strong winds and cause damage to powerlines and property.

Tip # 2 Know where your switchboard is

It's important to know the location of your switchboard, and have a clear access path, in case the power goes out. Your electrical equipment should also be well-protected to prevent water damage.

Tip # 3 Maintain your roof and gutters

To keep your home as secure as possible during a storm, it's wise to maintain your roof. Replace any broken tiles, clean your gutters regularly and fix leaks to stop water getting in and damaging electrical circuits.

Tip # 4 Trim trees near powerlines

Trees growing too close to powerlines can bring down live wires in a storm. Always use a qualified contractor to trim branches on your property safely. You can also report potentially dangerous trees on your street at