Dial Before You Dig

Ausgrid has a large network of underground cables. For safety reasons, it is extremely important that you check the location of these and other utility cables (including gas, water and sewerage) before you start to dig or excavate.

Dial Before You Dig is a community service organisation supported by Ausgrid and other major service providers. It can provide plans of where electricity, water, gas and telecommunications cables and pipes are located so you know whether it is safe to dig. 

NSW legislation now requires people who are planning to do excavation work to obtain copies of underground electricity cable plans through Dial Before you Dig and to make sure that the plans are no more than 30 days old when excavation commences.

The aim of the legislation is to ensure that when workers dig near electricity cables, they will establish the exact location of the cables and thus avoid coming into contact with them or damaging them.  This will ensure worker safety and also prevent disruption to Ausgrid's electricity network.

Ausgrid Network Standard NS 156 Working Near or Around Underground Cables, contains comprehensive information concerning all the issues that arise when excavating near underground cables (such as safety hazards from asbestos conduits and organochlorine pesticides).You must consult the Standard, and comply with the requirements in this Standard if you are excavating near our electricity mains. Our summary brochure Working near Ausgrid cables will give you a brief overview of how to prepare for excavation works near or around electricity cables. 

You must  consult our guide Reading Ausgrid Plans and make sure that workers engaged in excavation works fully understand how to read and interpret the plans.  If the people actually performing the excavation works do not know how to read and interpret Ausgrid's plans, then the work must be directed by a person who knows how to read and interpret the plans'.

In addition, WorkCover NSW has developed a Guideline Work near underground assets: Guide to assist you in deciding appropriate measures to eliminate or control risks when working near underground assets.

Your Dial Before You Dig plans should arrive or be ready for collection within three working days. Please check the details. If you require assistance when reading and interpreting your plans please call Ausgrid DBYD on 49 51 0899.

How to read Ausgrid plans

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