Plan around the power network

Working near the electricity network can be very dangerous. Cable strikes can affect the electricity supply to the local area, damage plant and equipment and put lives at risk. Planning ahead is the key to ensuring a safe worksite.

Contact with underground or overhead powerlines can be avoided if potential hazards are identified before commencing any activity on a work site. Do you need a power outage to safely move plant or cranes on to site, visual indicators like tiger tails to highlight the presence of overhead powelines and Dial Before You Dig plans to help locate any underground cables? 

Our checklists, factsheets and videos will help you safely plan your next job around the power network.‚Äč

Hazard Awareness Videos

This video explains the hazards of digging near the electricity network

See tips on electrical hazard awareness for rural workers.

This training video explains the hazards of working near the electricity network in urban areas.