Working around the electricity network can be hazardous and our crews always prepare to do their work safely. However, electricity can jump and sometimes there may be an “arc flash” – a rapid release of energy which uses the air as the conductor. These arcing electrical faults can cause serious injuries, so we’re introducing safer arc-rated clothing for all staff working on the Ausgrid network. This high-visibility, flame-retardant workwear gives our frontline crews much better protection from arc flashes when carrying out maintenance work or getting power back safely in a storm.

Arc-rated workwear

Our electrical workers are now better protected in new, safer clothing.

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Arc flash

An arcing electrical fault can cause serious injuries, or death.

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Safety for contractors

Arc flash personal protective equipment is being recommended across the industry.

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Safety around the network

Tips for staying safe around electrical equipment in the community and your home.

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