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Embedded generation


Embedded generators are equipment that generate electricity and are connected within Ausgrid's distribution network. In some cases a generator may export generated electricity back into our network. There are a wide range of generating technologies available. These include:

  • Renewable systems including, solar photo-voltaic cells, wind turbines, and hydro-generation
  • Battery storage systems
  • Combustion machine e.g. diesel generators
  • Co and Tri-generation

Standby generation equipment is used as an alternative source of supply in the event of a power outage or to help manage the demand for electricity on our network, usually during peak energy use times.

If you wish to connect an embedded generator to Ausgrid's network, you must submit a connection application. You need to submit a connection application even if you are installing a standby generator or a generator that will not export electricity back into the network. 

Connecting an embedded generation system

The requirements for connecting an embedded generation system depends on the type and size of the system and how you intend to operate it. Firstly, determine which connection application form is relevant for your connection. Choose the situation that best describes you from the following drop down links.