Connections help

If after reviewing our website material you have a question about any of the following topics, please fill in a preliminary enquiry form.

Preliminary enquiries can help you understand:

  • type of connection service you need
  • further information for establishing a new connection, modifying an existing connection or relocating existing Ausgrid electrical network assets
  • understanding the time frame, site requirements, the type of work and associated costs in relation to new connections or modifying or relocating Ausgrid assets
  • if you need to investigate the feasibility of your development and prepare a development application
  • seeking to connect a generator greater than 5MW
  • purchasing or selling electricity in the National Electricity Market.

Preliminary enquiries will generally be responded to within 10 business days.

There is a service fee payable in advance for a preliminary enquiry. Refer to Appendix A, B15 in our Connection Policy - Connection Charges.

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