Making a preliminary enquiry may be helpful if you are considering a land subdivision or installing embedded generation in subdivided land.

If your connection requires the network to be extended or upgraded (augmented), you will be required to fund the network augmentation and you will be responsible for arranging and paying relevant Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) to do the augmentation work. In this case, you will need:

  • an ASP/3 to design the additional infrastructure
  • an ASP/1 to build the infrastructure
  • an ASP/2 to connect individual sites within the subdivision to the augmented network, if this is part of your work scope. 

Installing solar power or embedded generation

Additional requirements apply if you have, or are planning to install, embedded generation like solar panels. Please see embedded generation for further information.

Application form

  • Online form
  • Download (pdf version) File size 163kb
  • If you prefer, you can fill out the Excel version on your computer.

Help with your application

Our Guide to Completing Connection Application Form will assist you to complete your application. Please note, if the information marked with an * is not fully completed the application will not be processed.

Information required in your application can be quite technical. You can ask a third party such as, your electrical contractor, an Accredited Service Provider (ASP), or electricity retailer, to fill out the application form and submit it on your behalf. When you authorise a third party to make your connection application, you can also authorise that person to accept a connection offer on your behalf.

Notices of Arrangement

Local councils often require a Notification of Arrangements for the Provision of electricity supply from us before they will release the plan of subdivision for registration at Land and Property Information. We charge a fee for issuing notices of arrangement.

If your subdivision requires basic connection services, we will provide the Notice of Arrangement as soon as you pay our fee.

If the network needs to be augmented, we will issue the Notice of Arrangement after the connection assets have been installed and satisfactory arrangements have been made for Ausgrid to be granted registered easements or leases for any network infrastructure installed on private land.

How to request a Notification of Arrangement

To request a Notification of Arrangement email

Please include the following information as a minimum:

  1. Name, phone number, email address and postal address for the project contact;
  2. Full street address/ location of the development;
  3. Subdivision plan; and
  4. Development application (if available). 

Process for applications that need a certified design

If the network needs to be extended or upgraded (augmented) for your connection, then before work can commence, you must retain an ASP/3 to design the works.When we receive your connection application it will be incomplete without a certified design. Ausgrid will start the design process by offering a design contract.

Next steps

  1. Following assessment of your application we will offer you a design contract. The offer includes a statement of fees as well as terms and conditions of contract.This contract is for Ausgrid to provide services during the design phase, not for Ausgrid to produce a design.
  2. You accept the design contract and pay the fees to Ausgrid.Design information is the provided to you.
  3. You can arrange an ASP/3 to design the augmentation works and submit the design to us to certify.
  4. We will complete a desktop audit of the design to check whether it is meets our standards.
  5. Once we certify the design, the connection application can be completed. We will send you a connection offer.
  6. There is an option to expedite a connection on the application form and if you have asked for expedition and indicated that the model standing offer of connection services for ASP/1 connections is appropriate, the contract will commence on the date we certify the design.
  7. If you choose not to expedite the connection, you have 45 business days to accept the connection offer.
  8. Once the connection contract is in place, you arrange an ASP/1 of your choice to build the network assets, and an ASP/2 to provide metering.
  9. Ausgrid will inspect the work throughout the construction period to make sure it meets our standards before the power is turned on. Once electrified, the connection assets constructed by the ASP/1 will be owned and maintained by Ausgrid as part of our network.
  10. When the connection contract commences, another contract called Ausgrid’s Deemed Standard Connection Contract is formed between Ausgrid and the retail customer who will use the electricity at the premises. This contract takes effect as soon as the property is connected and electricity is being used.