Asset relocations

Circumstances may arise when third parties want to move, modify or remove Ausgrid's network assets. This might include requests to underground existing overhead cables or replace them with insulated cables.

Ausgrid pit - Asset relocations

While we endeavour to accommodate relocation requests, it's at our discretion whether or not we agree to relocate Ausgrid assets.

Refer to Ausgrid's policy on asset relocations for more information.

Fees and charges

Ausgrid is a regulated business and there is no scope for it to subsidise or contribute financially to projects where the benefits accrue solely to the proponent of the relocation works. All costs associated with accommodating the request are at the proponent’s cost. This includes assessment, design, option development and construction, as well as ensuring Ausgrid retains the value of its existing assets

Fees may include an upfront non-negotiable and non-refundable fee to assessthe proposed relocation and determine if it is feasible or not. For large scale and complex relocations, additional feasibility funding may be required upfront, which we will determine on a case-by-case basis.

Process for asset relocations

The following process is for applications that are determined feasible and which do not require specialised services. This process follows Ausgrid’s contestable framework, which guides proponents to contract directly with the third party Accredited Service Providers of their choice, to deliver relocation design and construction works in accordance with our contestable works policies and processes. The contestable process will be as follows:

  1. Following assessment of your application, we will offer you a Contract for Design Related Services. The offer includes a statement of our fees as well as terms and conditions of contract. This contract is for Ausgrid to provide services during the design phase, not for Ausgrid to produce a design.

  2. You accept the Contract for Design Related Services and pay the fees to Ausgrid- design information is then provided for you.

  3. You arrange for an ASP/3 to design the augmentation works and submit the design to us for certification.

  4. We conduct a desktop audit of the design to check whether it is meets our standards.

  5. Once we certify the design, we will send you an Asset Relocation Contract offer. The offer includes a statement of our fees as well as terms and conditions of contract. You have 45 business days to accept the offer.

  6. Once the relocation contract is in place, you arrange an ASP/1 of your choice to undertake the asset relocation works.

  7. We will inspect the work throughout the construction period to make sure it meets our standards before electrification. Once electrified, the assets constructed by the ASP/1 will be owned and maintained by Ausgrid as part of our network.

  8. Relocations that pose undue security, reliability or health and safety risks, or require specialised services may be refused, or may need to be undertaken by Ausgrid. In this case we will charge the customer regulated rates to cover our costs for undertaking the works.

How to apply for asset relocation

  • if the asset relocation is associated with an application for a new or existing connection then submit an NECF03 Application Form detailing both the connection and relocation details on the form.