Types of connections and offers

When we receive your connection application, we'll identify the connection services you’ll need. Our basic services involve little or no network augmentation. Our standard services involve network augmentation so that our infrastructure can accommodate your needs.

Basic connection services

Ausgrid does not undertake the physical work of establishing the connection between the existing electricity network and your new or altered electrical installation. An Accredited Service Provider/s of your choice will carry out this connection work, as a contestable service.  

You may require one or more of the following providers:

  • an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) - to build, alter or connect new work to the network 
  • an electrical contractor – for work within your premises 
  • a retailer – who arranges your metering requirements.

The connection services provided by Ausgrid includes the tasks involved in receiving and assessing your connection application, making a connection offer, recording the connection information and inspecting the new connection for safety and fitness for purpose. We have three offers of basic connection services.

Basic connection service offers

A full list of model standing offers is available here.

Standard connection services

Where some network augmentation has to be done before your property can be connected, our standard connection services are required.

We offer different standard connection services, depending on whether the energy laws require you or us to fund the augmentation costs and whether the physical augmentation works are designed and constructed by us or designed by an ASP/3 and constructed by an ASP/1 (both of whom will be retained and paid by you).

We have three model standing offers for standard connection services.

Standard connection service offers

Note: Ausgrid does not currently have a  model standing offer for connection of non-micro embedded generators. These connections are negotiated.