Types of connection services and offers

Negotiating a connection offer

If Ausgrid does not have a model standing offer for basic or standard connection services that will be appropriate for your connection requirements, we will advise you within 10 business days of your application that you are entitled to receive a negotiated connection offer.

At the same time we will also advise you about our connection negotiation process, which sets out the details of how negotiated connection offers are arrived at, as well as costs you may be charged in relation to the negotiations.

You are entitled to negotiate a connection offer even if we have an appropriate model standing offer for basic or standard connection services, provided you are prepared to participate in negotiations in accordance with our connection negotiation process. We will charge you a fee to cover our reasonable expenses incurred in assessing your connection application and making a connection offer.

You may also negotiate ongoing conditions of supply at the same time as the conditions of connection. We must use reasonable endeavours to make you a connection offer that complies with your reasonable requirements, provided the offer also complies with the energy laws and our connection policy.

We are required to make an offer within 65 business days of the date we receive your connection application, plus any additional time you take to provide additional information we request from you. 

Once the negotiated connection offer is made, you have 20 business days to accept it.

For an explanation of the negotiation process, timeframes and costs, download our connection negotiation process.