Types of connection services and offers

Standard connection services contestable ASP1 premises connections



We will use this model standing offer after the prospective customer to whom the offer will be made has obtained a design for the assets that will be installed and Ausgrid has certified the design. 

We will use this model standing offer when:

  • Shared parts of Ausgrid’s network have to be augmented;
  • The retail customer at the premises or the real estate developer who is developing it for sale, is required to make a capital contribution to the cost of augmentation including the provision of premises connection assets;
  • The capital contribution is made by the connection customer retaining an ASP3 to design, and an ASP1 to construct or install the augmentation assets; and
  • The ASP3 has designed the assets and Ausgrid has certified the design.

Our services in the context of contestable connection services delivered by ASPs are largely concerned with facilitating the ASPs’ works and checking that the assets meet our standards and will operate safely.

Once the new network assets have been electrified, they will be owned, operated and maintained by Ausgrid.

Model Standing Offer to Provide Basic Connection Services - contestable ASP1 premises connections no greater than 11,000 Volts