Your rights and guaranteed service levels

Every connecting customer enters into a connection service contract with Ausgrid. The contract provides details of customer rights and our obligations.

Customer reading a document

Customer connection services

Our customer connection services fall into 2 categories: 

  • physical connection services - a new connection to Ausgrid's distribution network and/or an alteration to an existing connection
  • ongoing supply services - the supply (not sale) of electricity from Ausgrid's distribution network to the customer's premises.

A person is customer of Ausgrid if the person's premises is connected to, or the person is seeking to have the premises connected to, Ausgrid's distribution network. Ausgrid must provide those services in accordance with a customer connection contract.

Which contract applies to you?

Different customer connection contracts apply to different customer connection services. Both Ausgrid and the customer have rights and obligations under these contracts. For further details of the contracts and each party's rights and obligations under these contracts, see model standing offers and Deemed Standard Connection Contract.

Your rights and guaranteed service levels