Solar Battery and Embedded Generation

About the Distributed Energy Resources Register

AEMO will be making enhancements to the DER Register installer portal during the week of 10th to 14th August.

This enhancement release will include auto population of solar panel device capacities from the

Clean Energy Council approved product selection lists. If you notice any issues please contact AEMO at or 1300 236 600 in the first instance.

What is the Distributed Energy Resources Register?

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Register is a database of information that contains technical information about all customers’ small generating or battery systems installed on the electricity distribution network. A DER includes the following types of embedded generators:

Why is the AEMO DER Register being introduced?

The data gathered in AEMO’s DER register aims to increase the visibility of these types of systems across all electricity networks to support a consistent approach of reporting that will enable Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) and AEMO to plan, forecast and manage the grid across the National Electricity Market (NEM) more efficiently.

When will the DER Register become effective?

The DER Register has been in place from 1 December 2019 containing historical data and DNSPs have been working with the AEMO to provide ongoing information from this date.

For Ausgrid, the installer collaborative approach for updating the DER Register with installed equipment information will become effective from 18 May 2020. From this date, Ausgrid customers approved to install a new generating system or altering an existing generating system will be required to provide details of the installed DER equipment directly to the DER Register via the AEMO Installer Portal or a smart device application.

What does this mean for applicants of embedded generation connections?

What is not changing?

Ausgrid’s current connection application process and connection application forms for embedded generation remains the same. There are no extra steps, changes or new charges at the time you apply for an embedded generation connection for your customer.

What is changing from 18 May 2020?

Customers, connection applicants or installers acting on their behalf will be required to provide details of the installed DER equipment directly to the DER Register on the AEMO Installer Portal or through a smart device application. An overview of the new process is provided below.



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