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How to register

We use your property's meter identification number to determine whether you are experiencing a power outage. Your meter details are supplied to us by your electricity provider.

To ensure a smooth registration you will need to know;

  • your National Meter Identification number (NMI) on your electricity bill, or meter
  • and the name that meter is registered to

For security reasons, we can only send notifications to the mobile and email registered with your meter number.

Having trouble registering?

Your electricity providers has provided your First and Last name to us, and we are not able to modify this data for you.

If your details are not matching, here are some suggestions:

  • Meter's can only be registered under one name. If you have a joint account we may only have the first name on the account
  • If you have recently moved house, the meter details for your property may not be up to date
  • You may be reigstered with Your first and last name (Jane Smith), Initial and surname (J Smith) or First name, initial and surname. (Jane N Smith)
  • Check if you are in our network area? Meter numbers in our network are between; 41020000000 and 41049999999.

Update your notification preferences

You can change or stop these updates at any time by updating your preferences or choosing to unsubscribe.

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