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Streetlight Register


Ausgrid is keen to continue our work with our Council partners on addressing outstanding streetlight repairs, in particular those repairs that Councils consider a priority for public safety reasons.

Currently, faults are prioritised if the outage is related to pedestrian crossing floodlights, or an outage of a group of three or more consecutive lights on major (Category V) roads.
For these priority faults, Ausgrid notifies the relevant road authority about the outage and expected repair timeframe, and advises when the repair is completed. These notifications are emailed to the Council on a daily basis when a priority fault is reported or repaired.

Council should firstly continue the current process for reporting faulty streetlights through via


We recognise that sometimes there are other areas of concern that don’t necessarily fit the above criteria. In these instances, we ask that you provide us with further advice on lights you would like prioritised due to public safety by completing the Streetlight Public Safety Priority Risk register here with the information below and submit via the inbox.

  • the pole number 
  • notification number
  • a short outline of the public safety concerns associated with the outage and/or location for those lights that are working but are considered to be located in a high public safety risk area.

Ensure you complete the register with all streetlights that are deemed high priority from a public safety perspective, regardless of whether they are currently requiring repair . By knowing where the lights are that are most important to Councils and the safety of their communities, we can ensure that if a fault is reported in the future the location will already be flagged in our system as a priority location.

How to submit the template

Download the template and follow the instructions to complete. Send your completed spreadsheet to