Installer information

The information on this page is to assist qualified and licensed installers to perform the electrical wiring work for the installation of a demand response signal receiver onto an eligible air conditioner as part of the Ausgrid CoolSaver Maitland program. Click on the links below to view installation videos and download installation guides showing specific installation instructions on each each individual brand of air conditioner.  

Signal receiver kit: Ausgrid will provide a demand response Signal Receiver kit for each CoolSaver customer installation.  Each kit will contain: Thew & McCann Group (TMAC) 3G demand response signal receiver; RJ45 to terminal block adaptor part; cable ties; self-tapping screw kit; TMAC Installer's Manual; and Ausgrid CoolSaver Installer's Manual. 

Signal receiver means the Ausgrid approved Demand Response Enabling Device or Receiver to be connected to a CoolSaver compatible air-conditioner to enable the unit to receive a signal that will cap the rated input load during CoolSaver periods. Signal receivers are designed to be installed with a CoolSaver compatible air-conditioner only.  

CoolSaver eligible air-conditioner means an air-conditioner system with functionality added by the manufacturer which meets all specification criteria as indicated in published standard AS4755. It includes all Demand Response Modes (DRM1, DRM2 and DRM3) and is greater than 4kW cooling capacity as specified by the manufacturer. Click here for a list of eligible CoolSaver air conditioners.

For a Maitland resident to participate in the CoolSaver Maitland program the CoolSaver air conditioner and signal receiver must be installed in one of the following suburbs:

49 suburbs in the Maitland City Council areas

Aberglasslyn, Allandale, Anambah, Ashtonfield, Berry Park, Bishops Bridge, Bolwarra, Bolwarra Heights, Chisholm, Duckenfield, East Maitland, Farley, Gillieston Heights, Gosforth, Greta, Harpers Hill, Hillsborough, Horseshoe Bend, Lambs Valley, Largs, Lochinvar, Lorn, Louth Park, Luskintyre, Maitland, Maitland Vale, Melville, Metford, Millers Forest, Mindaribba, Morpeth, Mount Dee, Oakhampton, Oakhampton Heights, Oswald, Phoenix Park, Pitnacree, Raworth, Rosebrook, Rutherford, South Maitland, Telarah, Tenambit, Thornton, Tocal, Windella, Windermere, Woodberry, Woodville.