Installation videos and guides

Click on the links below to view videos showing examples of installations. Each video is specific to the brand of air conditioner shown in the video. Each video is 5-6 minutes long.  Please note: these are examples only as each installation will vary slightly from brand to brand of air conditioner model.  For specific installation instructions on each individual brand of air conditioner refer to the manufacturers installation guides below. 

These videos are not a general electrical safety guide. They are a guide to installing CoolSaver signal receivers only. In addition to the video, installers must follow the technical installation instructions provided by Ausgrid and by the manufacturers of the signal receiver and the air conditioning unit which can be found below.  Installers must follow the usual safety requirements of their job.

For general written instructions on the installation of the signal receiver for air conditioners please download:

For air conditioner brand specific written information on the installation of the signal receiver or additional parts, download the relevant manufacturers manual or instructions below: