Metering Data Request Support

For a single metering data request

Please check your e-mail inbox for an authorisation e-mail from Ausgrid. By clicking the link in the e-mail your email will be validated and your request will be processed.
If you haven't received an e-mail from us please call Ausgrid Contact Centre on 13 13 65.

For a bulk metering data request

If this was a bulk request, please check your file for the following possible errors and try again.

  • The number of requests in the file is more than 500.
  • One or more lines contains more than 5 comma separated values.
  • A NMI has a length that is neither 10 nor 11 characters.
  • A NMI in the file is not valid.
  • The start date for a request is after the end date.
  • A request has a post code that is too long (more than 4 characters).
  • A customer or business name is too long (greater than 200 char).
  • A row contains invalid input data.
  • An authorization file and/or bulk file has not been provided and is required.

If, after correcting your file, you still have trouble submitting your request, please contact the Ausgrid Contact Centre on 13 13 65.