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Scotland Island reliability project


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Ausgrid is planning to improve the reliability of the local power supply to Scotland Island following extended power outages to the area.

Ausgrid’s proposed solution uses Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) to underbore beneath the ocean bed from Church Point to Carol’s Wharf, Scotland Island in order to install a new electricity cable. Both the new and existing cable will be in service at the same time in order to minimise the impact of a failure to a single cable. The new cable will lie in a conduit (plastic pipe) below the ocean bed rather than on the ocean floor as the current cable does, which minimises the risk of impact or damage.

As part of the design for the HDD bore, Ausgrid is considering future energy requirements for the Island and the possibility of including NBN and other communication cables or fibres.

Current activities include geotechnical studies at Church Point, Carol’s Wharf and along the marine cable route.  Ausgrid will notify surrounding residents and businesses prior to starting work.

Following geotechnical studies, Ausgrid intends to have a detailed design completed by late 2018.

Further project information including construction details will be sent to residents and stakeholders as planning progresses.
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