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Customer engagement

Ongoing collaboration with customer advocates has been a key driver of changes to our approach that will ensure we deliver better long term outcomes for customers. At the heart of the changes is a desire to involve customers in implementing our business strategy and driving the future direction of our network.

Our Customer Commitments 

DEVELOP our business and a shared understanding

Make investment decisions metrics customer focused, giving customers a meaningful role in developing our spending plans

DRIVE Industry development

Jointly develop policy and regulatory framework submissions with customers and customer representatives

DELIVER Better outcomes

Deliver against Energy Charter principles establishing our customer's role within our business planning processes, without and increased focus on non-network customer solutions

Our Collaborative Committees

Our future business strategy will be achieved by collaborating with customers on the decisions we make about the future direction of our network.

We have four customer committees: 

  • Pricing Working Group
  • Technical Review Committee

The Terms of Reference which guide our committees, was developed with our customer advocates and can be viewed here.

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