Demand Management

Demand Management Investigations


Demand management is an important part of efficient and sustainable network operations; and can help address a network need due to rising customer demand, aging network assets or other investment drivers. For projects not associated with the Regulatory Investment Test, Ausgrid applies a similar but simplified process appropriate to the cost of the project.

Engaging and consulting with industry and market providers is an important part of the process of exploring non-network options to maintain grid reliability at lowest cost to consumers.

Below is a list of our demand management projects which we are currently investigating where we invite registered parties to submit their proposals or feedback for providing solutions.

Projects Under Demand Management Investigation (Non-RITD)

Addressing increased customer demand requirements in the Gillieston Heights area

Open for consultation (30 April - 28 May 2019)
To respond to this RFP and view the data pack, please visit Ausgrid’s Tenderlink portal (Tenderlink Ref:AUSGRD-859530) and navigate to "All Current Tenders"