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Power factor correction services


Below are types of services that can be provided by a power factor correction (PFC) service provider.

Power factor correction services

  • Electrical contracting - a business or sole trader who holds an electrical contractor’s licence issued by the NSW Fair Trading and has an electrical contractor who installs power factor correction equipment and provides installation services and installation tests.
  • PFC consulting - a business that provides consulting, professional services and technical advice in the field of power factor correction.
  • PFC equipment supply - a business that manufacturers or distributes power factor correction equipment.
  • PFC project management - a business that provides project management services in the field of power factor correction.


Related power factor correction services 

  • Accredited Service Provider (ASP) - companies, businesses or sole traders who have gained accreditation from NSW Department of Trade and Investment allowing them to perform contestable work in accordance with the Electricity Supply Act 1995.
  • Energy auditing or energy consulting - a business that provides specialist advice and services in relation to other aspects of energy use (e.g. energy efficiency) in conjunction with power factor correction services.
  • Financial services - a business that provides financial advice and services in the field of power factor correction and installations. They may assist with business case development, finance arrangements, bill payments, and lease arrangements.