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Power2U Aircon Saver is an Ausgrid initiative to partner with customers to manage the electricity supply more efficiently for the benefit of the customers in the Gillieston Heights area. In return, we’ll pay you up to $200 for taking part in the Power2U Aircon Saver program. See below for further details about the program and how you can participate.

How does Ausgrid’s Power2U Aircon Saver work?

The program involves the installation of a signal receiver on your air conditioner by a qualified technician. This would enable Ausgrid to remotely activate the in-built power saving modes on your air conditioner/s for three to five hours if required. We may not need to activate your air conditioner's power saving modes but if we do, this will be for only a few days over the summer. The technology is designed to be ‘set and forget’, so you won’t need to change how or when you use your air conditioner. Your electricity meter and rates will not change and you do not need to contact your retailer to participate.

Earn up to $200 over summer with Ausgrid’s Power2U

Eligible participants will receive an Installation Bonus in the form of a $100 gift card once we have installed the receiver on the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. For the 2019/20 summer period, you will also receive an additional card of $100 as your Summer Bonus, if you have remained as a participant throughout the full summer period.

Where is the program area?

Click on the map to see whether your residence falls within the program area.


Register your interest here

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