Regulatory Proposal


The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has released its draft determination in response to Ausgrid’s 2019-24 Regulatory Proposal, which was submitted to the regulator earlier this year.

Ausgrid has been transforming its business to reduce costs and provide more affordable network services for our customers. We have dramatically reduced costs by cutting our operating expenditure by more than $100 million per year. These savings have been passed onto customers; with Ausgrid’s component of bill coming down $237 per customer in real terms since 2014.

  • In our 2019-24 regulatory proposal Ausgrid had proposed to reduce our component of network charges by a further 8.7% in real terms from 1 July 2019. That’s a 34% reduction since 2014.
  • The proposal outlines how much we need to invest to deliver affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity to 1.7 million customers in Sydney, the Central Coast and the Hunter. It reflects community consultation and focusses on the long-term interest of customers – balancing affordability, reliability and sustainability.
  • As well as driving affordability, our proposal includes investment in innovative flexible grid technologies to prepare Australia for a more sustainable and distributed energy future.
  • Although the AER accepted much of our proposal, Ausgrid is disappointed with the Australian Energy Regulator’s (AER) draft decision to reject some elements. We will carefully consider the impact of the draft determination on our ability to provide safe and reliable network services and will continue to work with our customers and the AER to develop a revised proposal which is in the long-term interests of our customers.

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