Flood Assistance

We know that some of our customers are suffering as a result of the recent floods. We have introduced a Flood Assistance Package to offer financial relief to customers who have incurred unforeseen costs from electrical repairs.

Fee waivers for flood affected customers

For homes or small businesses that have had their premises damaged or destroyed as a result of flooding in Ausgrid’s June/July 2022 Flood Assistance Package.

Ausgrid will waive connection application fees and associated charges and will also reimburse up to $600 of the costs incurred when your licensed electrician disconnects and reconnects you to the electricity network. 

If your property or connection wire has been damaged by a storm or flood, you may need to engage a licensed electrician to make safety checks before you can be reconnected. Find out more about the reconnection process here.

Notify your retailer to waive your bill charge

If your premises have been damaged or destroyed due to flooding, please notify your Electricity Retailer who will work with Ausgrid to waive the network charge (the network charge makes up a portion of your electricity bill). The fees will be waived until the site is re-energised.

Assistance package inclusions

Network Charges

Ausgrid and electricity retailers are working together to waive the network charges until the electricity is back on.

Connection Fees

No fees for submission of compliance paperwork required when re-connecting flood damaged premises.*
*Basic Connection Offer only

Re-connection costs

up to $600
Claim some of the costs involved in engaging a Level 2 Authorised Service Provider (ASP Level 2).
Excludes safety inspections or electrical repairs.

Waiver Inclusions

Your Electricity Network Charge (a portion of your bill)

The fees will be waived until the site is re-energised.

Connection Application Fees

Ausgrid are waiving the connection fees associated with flood affected premises. You will need to engage a licensed electrician or ASP Level 2 to complete the connection work. You can find a list of ASP Level 2 licensed providers on the Energy Saver website

The fees included in this waiver are:

  • A preliminary connection enquiry
  • A basic Connection Offer fee
  • Ausgrid Technical Assessment 
  • Metering Site Alteration/Establishment 
  • NMI Extinction Fees (Fee associated with disconnecting your meter)
  • Level 2 ASP Works (NOSW) – Grade A/B/C (The processing fee associated with the Ausgrid's compliance process)

For more information on how to re-connect, click here.

If you are an Accredited Service Provider, you will be notified in a separate communication on how to lodge a NOSW without incurring fees for eligible customers.

Disconnection / Reconnection Costs

If you have engaged an ASP Level 2 to disconnect or reconnect a flood affected premises (excluding safety inspections or electrical repairs), you can claim up to $600 for the costs.

Reimbursement schedule:

Small residential & commercial 1 Phase $300
Small residential & commercial 3 Phase  $375
Large commercial (3 phase above 200 Amps)
3 Phase $600


How to apply for reimbursement

Complete a Flood Assistance Electronic Funds Transfer Request Form to apply for electrical disconnection and reconnection work.

You will need to include either a photo, electronic or scanned version of the following documents: 

  1. A copy of the Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW) provided by your electrician 
  2. Your authorised service provider’s (ASP) itemised invoice for the reconnection process
  3. The completed Flood Assistance Electronic Funds Transfer Request Form to enable us to process your reimbursement

Email all of the above to hardship@ausgrid.com.au. Please make sure you include your name and premises address.

The Customer Advocacy Team will provide a Case Number by return email. Please keep this number as reference.

Once approved, we will process the reimbursement of up to $600 of the ASP disconnection/reconnection fee.

Community support

In addition to introducing the Flood Assistance Package, we are keeping impacted customers informed with radio and SMS messages and providing on-the-ground support with generators and fuel to remote locations.  If you haven't received a Power Outage SMS from Ausgrid, you can find out how to register on the Power Outage SMS Service page.

You can also view the power outages map for status updates or find more information about our customer assistance resources.

Need to contact us?

Email us on enquiries@ausgrid.com.au or call our Contact Centre on 13 13 65.