Pause on all live work


Work on the Ausgrid network is being delivered, but differently, following a pause on live work tasks on our network (Pause).

The Pause was introduced following a serious incident resulting in the death of one of our employees. While many tasks can still be completed, they will be done de-energised resulting in delays.

This is having an immediate impact on the completion times for maintenance, connection, disconnection and metering service requests.

We ask for your patience while we adapt our work plans to accommodate the Pause on live work.

What have we done

Effective from 3 April 2019, all live work on the Ausgrid network was placed on hold as a precaution until the incident is thoroughly investigated and outcomes are identified. This is to ensure safety controls are at the very front of everyone’s minds before we consider resuming live work.

Work is continuing on the network while the Pause is in place, but with power switched off (de-energised). Ausgrid is reviewing affected projects and re-programming work in line with the Pause on live work. This includes identifying all live work tasks, categorising work and risk assessing all the activities required.

What this means for you

An indefinite restriction will remain for all live work until further notice. Work that can be done de-energised will be, but this will have impacts and will mean:

  • More outages (because power will be turned off while work is completed);
  • Longer lead times (because the work requires more planning to make sure the power is switched on and off at the right time); and
  • Work will take longer to complete.

When will live work resume?

The pause will continue until we understand the events that led to the cause of the incident, and the necessary safety controls have been reviewed. It is important to note that some line work previously undertaken may not resume.

We apologise and assure you that the safety of our people, contractors and the community is our number one priority.