Pause on all live work


What is the pause on live work?

Following the tragic death of an Ausgrid lineworker in April, Ausgrid implemented a pause on live work while we reviewed all our live work tasks to ensure they were safe for our workers, Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) and the NSW community.

This means that work which is usually done live – with the power turned on – now must be done with the power turned off. To do this, the work must be scheduled and outages planned and booked. Having to organise for the power to be turned off means tasks can take longer, there can be delays and an increased number of outages.

Why is it happening?

The pause on live work is necessary while we review and assess all the live work tasks our employees and Accredited Service Providers undertake. Safety is our priority, and before work resumes the tasks need to be completely risk assessed and where necessary, additional safety controls implemented. It is possible that in some cases, work tasks may not resume as live work but continue with the power off.

The work we’re doing

A project team is assessing each and every live work task as rapidly as they can. We are prioritising assessments based on customer feedback and focusing on the tasks we have been told are the most critical. Some tasks have already recommenced, but with additional safety controls. We understand that this is causing delays for our ASPs and customers and we apologise. We are doing our best to assess work tasks as quickly as possible to deliver the best safety outcomes.

We want to support you – here’s where to find more information

We will post all our latest information here, on our website. We are also communicating directly with all our stakeholders.
Please read our first alert for more background information and technical Q&As, and if you have further questions contact us at livework@ausgrid.com.au.