Power Outage Support

We're going digital

We’re changing how we notify you about power outages. From August 2023, you will no longer receive postal notifications alongside SMS notifications about planned power outages.

Ausgrid is Going Digital. Update your contact details online with your electricity retailer.

How it works

From late August 2023, Ausgrid will send planned power outage SMS notifications instead of postal notifications for most customers.

The primary account holder of each household will receive an SMS notification at least four (4) business days prior to a planned power outage.


  • a reminder SMS notification will be sent around 9AM the day before the planned outage;
  • an SMS notification will be sent if a planned outage is cancelled; and
  • for unplanned outages, an SMS notification will be sent as soon as Ausgrid is aware of the outage and when the power is restored.

To receive SMS notifications for outages, please ensure your contact details are up to date with your electricity retailer (the company listed on your electricity bill). View instructions on how to update your details with your retailer.

Find out more on how we notify you about planned and unplanned power outages.

What does this mean for me?

If you have registered a mobile phone number with your electricity retailer, you will no longer receive postal notifications about planned power outages. Instead, you will receive an SMS notification informing you of an upcoming planned outage.

Registered Life Support customers will continue to receive postal notifications as well as SMS notifications if they have provided their phone number to their electricity retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why haven’t I received an SMS about a planned outage?

Customer contact details are provided to us by your electricity retailer.

If you have not received an SMS from Ausgrid, please check that your details are up to date with your electricity retailer. You can do this via your online account through your retailer’s website or app.

Why is Ausgrid removing postal notifications?

Our customers have told us they prefer the convenience of SMS notifications for planned power outages. Additionally, stopping postal notifications will help Ausgrid become a more sustainable business by reducing carbon emissions from printing, postage and transport.

Can I register additional numbers to receive planned outage SMS notifications?

Yes, you can register additional phone numbers to receive SMS outage notifications via your electricity retailer.

Will I receive SMS notifications for planned outages for multiple addresses?

Phone numbers are registered to each address individually; if you would like to be notified of planned outages for multiple premises, you will need to register a phone number for each address.

How does Ausgrid have my phone number?

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) B2B Procedure Customer and Site Details Notification Process governs how we receive customer data from their energy retailer for the purpose of notification of essential services. In some circumstances we collect personal information directly from the customer or from a third-party service provider.

Can I update my contact details with Ausgrid to receive SMS notifications?

To receive SMS notifications, customers will need to update their contact details with their electricity retailer.

In accordance with the AEMO B2B Procedure Customer and Site Details Notification Process, Ausgrid receives customer contact information from the electricity retailer in a one-way process. Currently, there is no method for Ausgrid to be able to share updated contact details with retailers. 

Will my personal information be protected?

Yes. Ausgrid takes reasonable steps to ensure that personal information held by us is secure from risks of loss or unauthorised access and disclosure. Our IT systems require user authentication and we use firewalls and encryption.

Ausgrid also does not sell personal information to third parties. However, in certain specific circumstances described in our Privacy Policy, we may disclose customers’ personal information to other people or entities.

Why does Ausgrid schedule planned outages?

Planned outages are necessary to replace aging equipment, conduct maintenance, or extend the network to connect new premises. This ensures we can keep providing a safe and reliable power supply to our customers. We mitigate the inconvenience as best as we can by providing notification a minimum of four (4) business days in advance and by keeping the interruptions as short as possible.

How to update your details with your retailer

If your retailer is not listed, please login to your online account or contact your retailer directly to update your information.