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Making electricity bills more affordable


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Our customers have told us that affordability is their number one concern and that electricity charges are simply too high. Customers have asked for lower electricity prices and Ausgrid are now delivering the savings whilst continuing to deliver safe and reliable services while bringing bills down.

From July 1 2019 the network charge, the portion of your bill which covers the maintenance of electricity poles and wires, has fallen $71 or 11% for the average residential customer.

In the past five years Ausgrid has lowered network charges for average residential customers by $213.

What charges make up your bill?

Ausgrid maintain the electricity network, the substations, poles and wires that deliver electricity to 1.5 million homes and 200k businesses across Sydney, The Hunter and Central Coast. We pass on the costs of maintaining and repairing the network to customers. The network charge is set annually by the Australian Energy Regulator. Likewise there are charges for metering services, environmental obligations, and the transmission of electricity from the generator to the distribution network. Your energy retailer  includes these charges in your bill, alongside their own service charge.

Breakdown of electricity bill charges

% share of total bill charges
Graph showing the proportion share of the bill

How we continue to reduce our customers' bill

Our portion of bills has shrunk by 28 percent since 2014. We have continued to offer savings whilst enhancing productivity, and deliver innovation to deliver future savings. How have we achieved this?

We have reduced our expenditure

  • We have reduced our capital expenditure including deferal of some projects to ensure we are not investing ahead of technological change to reflect customers' priority for affordability.
  • We have reduced our revenues (help with description) by 16% from 1 July 2019.
  • We have delivered fairer pricing structures through revision of our tariffs in 2019.

    As a result our forecast capital budget is $428 million lower than the amount we will spend in 2014-19.  Read more

We are investing in innovation and technology

  • We are investing $44m per annum in technology and innovation
  • We are committed to balancing network and off grid solutions to lower costs and increase efficiency and in 2019 we embarked on a trial of a Virtual Power Plant. If successful it could provide a lower cost alternative to grid investment, which would lower customer bills in the long term.
  • We are also incentivise and encourage households and businesses to adopt energy efficiency measuressuch as installing new solar power, Ausgrid is partnering with Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the City of Sydney on the Power2U program.

We are committed to our customers

We are a member of the Energy Charter 

  • Ausgrid signed up with 15 founding members to the Energy Charter in January. We have committed to work with the industry to allow better outcomes for customers and build trust in the sector.

Customer Consultative Committee

  • Our Customer Consultative Committee has been a key driver of changes to our approach that will ensure we deliver better long term outcomes for customers. 

    We are involving customers in implementing our business strategy and driving the future direction of our network and innovation program.

Innovation and transformation

Our innovation and operational improvement programs are designed to maximise