Inclusion and Diversity



Disability Hero

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment that actively fosters respect, inclusion and opportunities for all employees.

Our aim is to provide people with disabilities, their families and friends resources to support employment, professional development and leadership opportunities, and to share information that enables them to be actively engaged in promoting these opportunities.

Disability is one of our five key diversity pillars and areas focused on include:

  • developing, leading and influencing disability recognition and inclusive culture
  • working towards becoming an industry leading employer for disability inclusion.


Through the Inclusion and Diversity Council and our employee resources group (DisABILITY), we are committed to providing support to all employees and driving the goals that will create further inclusion and employee diversity.

Disability Charter

Ausgrid's Disability Pillar advocates for an inclusive culture, and to continually develop and review plans to support a diverse workforce.  

Guiding Principles 

  • Ensure that our people act with integrity and treat others fairly and with respect. 
  • Lead, guide, and advocate for an inclusive culture, and continually develop and review plans to support a diverse workforce.
  • Disability is a difference through which others contribute via innovation and adaption. 
  • Disability is both visible and invisible. 
  • Disability inclusion is a fundamental aspect of our business lives and is how we succeed in contributing as individuals and a corporate community. 
  • Inclusion is a culture that grows recognition and respect, breaks down barriers in understanding to remove bias and discrimination.