Diversity and inclusion

Gender Diversity


Three field employees at Ausgrid - Gender Diverisity

We know at Ausgrid we are under-represented when it comes to women compared to other organisations – it’s a fact.

We know that well credentialed research over the last 20 years tells us that businesses with high levels of gender diversity are more successful than those that do not.

We need to become more efficient, more productive and think innovatively to produce better results for our customers. To achieve this, we need diversity of thought when we are discussing potential options and solutions for our business challenges.

As human beings, increasing gender diversity is the right thing to do for our female colleagues, for women who are in or trying to get into the labour market, for girls in school and for young women in university.


Gender diversity is one of our five key diversity pillars of our Diversity and Inclusion Plan. The Council, supported by the employee resource group works hard to change the way we are doing business so we can become more diverse. 

Gender Employee Resource Group Charter

The aim of the Gender Diversity Employee Resource Group is to allow employees from across Ausgrid to participate in the development and implementation of programs to drive gender diversity and an inclusive workplace.

Guiding Principles

• Our gender strategies and initiatives are developed through inclusive, innovative and collaborative processes
• Our strategies and initiatives are based on sound business principles. We focus on results, not programs for their own sake
• The group is a safe place to voice opinions in a respectful way and we will allow each group member the opportunity to participate in discussions
• We understand that gender diversity is everyone’s business and is critical to the success of the company
• Strategies and initiatives will involve volunteers from the group to participate in planning and implementation activities to ensure their success
• Our gender diversity strategies align with our Purpose, Vision and Values
• Group members will champion and advocate awareness and acceptance of gender diversity and inclusion within their teams • Members of the group will lead by example with respect to the above principles

Gender Diversity Initiatives

There are several programs and initiatives that Ausgrid has developed to drive gender diversity through FY22-23. Here are a few:

Gender Targets

Guided by extensive research of best practice and peer review, our Inclusion and Diversity Council introduced gender targets to commence from FY22. These targets are:

  • Increase the number of women in people leader roles to 25% by the end of 2025
  • Triple the number of women in frontline roles by the end of 2025

Group Action Plans

Across Ausgrid, each area of the business has their own plan with specific actions to build more inclusive and diverse teams. These actions include a commitment to have women on each panel, an increase in the delivery measure in Ausgrid's MySay Employee Survey, and visible commitment from leaders to support key diversity events.

There are several programs and initiatives that Ausgrid has developed to drive gender diversity through FY22-23. 

Leadership Programs

Sponsorship of twelve Ausgrid women to complete a leadership program through Women and Leadership Australia. Those selected included emerging leaders, mid-level and senior leaders. 

Mentoring Circles

A program for women in Ausgrid that is made up of a small circle of women, who learn from each other and are also mentored by one male and one female senior leader.

Networking Events

To drive awareness and understanding of key gender issues and provide opportunities for women to expand their network and exposure across Ausgrid.

Parental Leave Resources

Development of a set of employee and leader resources to drive retention of those on parental leave.

Superannuation on paid parental leave

In addition to providing paid parental leave of up to 16 weeks, Ausgrid will also make superannuation contributions on paid parental leave.

Employee Referral Program

Introduction of an Employee Referral Program, providing a financial incentive for current employees who successfully refer female employees to fill vacancies in frontline, leadership and engineering roles.

Behavioural Interview Training

Behavioural interview training for all interview panel members to reinforce good practice around selection decisions and bias. 

International Women's Day at Ausgrid

International Womens Day icon

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated across the world on 8 March and at Ausgrid, we will use the opportunity to celebrate the women of Ausgrid for their invaluable contribution to our business and the communities in which we operate. We also acknowledge the men who stand beside them and champion gender equality.

This year’s IWD theme was 'Break the Bias' as we imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women's equality. Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.

Find out more about the women of Ausgrid in our celebratory International Women's Day Brochure.