LGBTQI+ and Allies
Rainbow diversity and representation
Two employees (male and female) discussing something in front of a latop
We want to create an environment where increased representation, inclusion, respect and support for LGBTQI+ employees and their allies generates knowledge, expands relationships and connects Ausgrid to the wider LGBTQI+ community. This promotes equal opportunities and inclusiveness in recruitment, orientation, promotion, retention, and duty of care.


Rainbow diversity and representation

Many of our employees identify as LGBTQI+ or are allies and play pivotal roles to our success. Through education and awareness, we champion safety and respect throughout our workplace and practices.

Pride Employee Resource Group

Pride employee resource group ensures we are connected to the wider LGBTQI+ community, shaping our internal initiatives for change.

Ausgrid Office with LGBTQI+ Allies logoTwo female employees in hats and Ausgrid crew uniforms checking an Ausgrid truck with Rainbow Ausgrid LogoPRIDE representation at Ausgrid - Roden Cutler House  showing rainbow Stairs