Inclusion and Diversity



Pride Ausgrid Logo

Ausgrid is committed to creating an inclusive workplace around the globe where team members are valued and respected regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

We are advancing a culture that encourages lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning employees to #beyourself at work and in the community. Additionally, we encourage others to become an Ally to the LGBTQI+ community to advocate for equality everywhere.

Our LGBTQI+ and allies community is one of our diversity pillars as part of our Inclusion and Diversity Council. 

The purpose of the LGBTQI+ pillar is to:
•    Increase representation, inclusion, respect and support for LGBTQI+ employees and their allies, and;
•    increase the knowledge, expand relationships and connect Ausgrid to the wider LGBTQI+ Allies community.


'Pride' Employee Resource Group

The Pride Employee Resource Group is for any member of the LGBTQI+ community, their friends, families and allies. The group provides support to employees and drives the goals that will create further inclusion and diversity at Ausgrid.


To provide an environment of increased representation, inclusion, respect and support for LGBTQI+ employees and their allies across Ausgrid while increasing knowledge, expanding relationships and connecting Ausgrid to the wider LGBTQI+ Allies community. Responsibilities include:

1. To provide support to the I&D Councils initiatives.
2. To champion and advocate awareness and acceptance of LGBTQI+ diversity and inclusion.
3. To provide oversight and guidance on issues relating to LGBTQI+ diversity and inclusion.
4. Put in place measures to enhance LGBTQI+ diversity in teams and promote equal opportunities and inclusiveness in recruitment, orientation, promotion, retention, and duty of care.
5. Foster the sharing of learnings and best practice LGBTQI+ diversity & inclusion research to determine suitability of similar initiatives within Ausgrid.
6. To investigate various opportunities and events to address specific issues relating to LGBTQI+ diversity.

Pride Employee Group Charter Principles 

  • Create clear gender diversity goals that align to overall I&D Council goals
  • Drive the achievement of the goals
  • Plan a minimum of two face-to-face events per year
  • Manage a LGBTQI+ networking group to help connect with each other for support.
  • Value and leverage the knowledge, competence and experiences of the Resource Group
  • Maintain and promote the Pride Charter through internal communications
  • The Pride Employee Resource Group will lead by example with respect to the above principles.