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Pole mounted batteries

Ausgrid's pole mounted battery trial is designed to test the viability of small pole-top batteries to support the network during peak demand or high solar export times. The trial will improve our understanding of the benefits, and technical challenges of deployment of small scale batteries in overhead network areas.

We also hope to demonstrate an increase in our network’s hosting capacity, reduce voltage imbalance and manage un-balanced and peak loads.

These learnings build on our understanding of a range of flexible solutions to support growth of renewable energy in our networks such as the Community Battery Trial and the STATCOM Low Voltage Regulator Trial.

What are the benefits of a Pole Mounted Battery?

  • Pole-mounted batteries aim to relieve peak and minimum demand stress on networks.
  • Better manage the export from rooftop solar generation.
  • Will support increased uptake of solar - for the distributor feeder area connected to the pole mounted battery.
  • Improving voltage management – improved reliability of energy supply.
  • If successful, the pole-top battery systems may avoid the need for more expensive network augmentation that would otherwise be necessary to address network constraints.

Latest News

22 September 2023 - Merewether Power Pole-Mounted Battery
Ausgrid has unveiled the first power pole-mounted battery in the City of Newcastle, located at Henderson Park in Merewether, as part of a trial that is looking at the viability of small pole-mounted batteries to support the network.

3 July 2023  - Ausgrid installs first power pole mounted battery in Maitland