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Ausgrid has launched its first ever customer battery

Ausgrid is installing another community battery in Cameron Park, Lake Macquarie. Registrations of interest to join the battery trial are now open.

Over the next two years Ausgrid will offer customers in identified trial areas, who either have solar power or are about to install solar power, the chance to be part of this innovative program. 

A community battery is a relatively new concept in Australia. It is a shared battery solution located in a local neighbourhood and allows customers and the wider community to share in the multiple benefits that batteries can provide. The Ausgrid Community Battery trial aims to show how:

  • The benefits of community batteries can be shared between local customers, the wider community and electricity networks, and
  • Community batteries can help deliver cost savings and support the take up of solar power by households and businesses.

For more information read the media release about the latest community battery launched here.

We are currently inviting customers living in the Cameron Park trial area to register their interest.

Do you live in the Bankstown trial area? 

There is still time to join the Bankstown trial and we invite those living in the trial area to sign up to earn credits for your excess solar energy.

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What are the benefits of community batteries?
Our FAQs provide info about the trial, as well as general and technical information.

Project Research

Find out more about the research that informed the development of the community battery trials.