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Charge Together Project


Charge Together Project

This ARENA-funded project is led by Evenergi and is supported by Ausgrid and other partners including the EV Council, NRMA and the NSW Government. The project encourages best practice integration of electric vehicles and their charging equipment with the electricity network.

  1. There are three main activity streams that Ausgrid is supporting:
    The development of a suite of fleet products which will be provided to fleet managers with all the tools necessary to migrate their fleets to Electric Vehicles (EVs). Read the media announcement about the launch of the project's fleet software platform.
  2. The development of a private individual product that will provide individual EV buyers with all the tools necessary to make an EV purchasing decision.
  3. The development of an electricity network planning tool to assist Australian electricity network providers in planning and preparing for the impacts of EV charging on their network.

New South Wales Electric Vehicle Owners Survey - Now Open 

Help us plan for a better integrated network

Ausgrid congratulates you for being a pioneer in the electric mobility revolution. We see a future where vehicles are tightly integrated with our network to enable the community to share in the benefits of a more efficient network.To do this, we need to plan, and in order to plan we need your help.

Ausgrid is conducting a survey of Electric Vehicle Owners to better understand how customers currently use and charge their electric vehicles. This will help us to understand and plan early to support you and future electric vehicles drivers.

We know surveys can take up valuable time, so as a thank you we will provide a $30 gift card to the first 300 people who are eligible and complete the survey. The survey should only take between 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

* Please refer to our gift card eligibility conditions and Ausgrid's privacy policy below before starting this survey.

Gift card eligibility and Privacy Policy


If you have any questions regarding this survey please email or call 1300 132 348.