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Evolve - energy innovation


Ausgrid is proud to be a partner on the evolve project which has been announced by the Federal Government. When complete it will enable us to provide new low-cost ways of accommodating our customers’ distributed energy resources, like solar PV and batteries.

By using new sensors and powerful software capabilities developed through the evolve project, we will be able to see how the electricity system is behaving in real time. It will help us to better utilize capacity in our network, by having visibility of areas of congestion and availability.

The project will allow customers to make the most of investments in solar and batteries and in the future electric vehicles, without networks needing to impose restrictions. It is a step towards unlocking the electricity superhighway which will allow customers to access new opportunities to generate, store, share, and trade their energy, to benefit themselves and their communities.

Evolve will run for three years across NSW and is supported by funding from ARENA and the NSW Government. Ausgrid will provide technical expertise and support to trial and further develop the evolve solution in our network.

Learn more about the evolve project.


Infographic showing how a Distributed Energy Resource installation (DER) can benefit customers