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We are committed to exploring new and innovative ways to deliver more efficient demand management solutions. 

Our trials form part of our Demand Management Innovation Allowance (DMIA) program, which is funded by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). This enables us to conduct research and develop projects to trial new non-network technologies and strategies for reducing or deferring network investment. .

Our demand management innovation trials include:

  • shifting appliance or equipment use from peak to non-peak periods
  • converting the appliance energy source from electricity to alternative
  • operation of embedded generators
  • power factor correction.

For more information about innovation research and trials for energy networks across Australia refer to the Energy Networks Association website here.

Current DMIA Research and Trials

Community Battery Trial

Power2U - Solar and Lighting Incentives Project

Power2U - VPP Trial

Charge Together Project - Electric Vehicles

Digital Energy Futures Research


If you have further questions regarding demand management related research and trials at Ausgrid, please email us at 

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