The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has implemented and enforces a national Ring-fencing Guideline (Guideline) to promote competition in the electricity services market. The Guideline prevents Ausgrid, and all other Distribution Network Service Providers, from offering contestable electricity services that can be performed by any qualified electrical contractor.

Ausgrid is committed to ensuring it fully complies with the Guideline. This means Ausgrid is prohibited to provide some electrical services such as upgrades and repairs within a customer’s property. However, some exceptions apply such as for life support customers or for minor repair/restoration services.

Customers will need to will make their own arrangements for services that are not offered by Ausgrid by engaging a suitably qualified electrical contractor.

Finding an Accredited Service Provider

If you need an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Level 1/2/3 to perform electrical services you can find a full list of ASPs at the NSW Energy website.

Life Support and Vulnerable Customers

Ausgrid can continue to restore power to registered life support customers reliant on life support equipment. Ausgrid’s values around customer care and safety have lead to the implementation of a vulnerable customer protocol which is triggered when a customer, who meets the strict vulnerability criteria has lost supply, and it has been assessed they will suffer further hardship and/or health and safety risks if supply isn’t restored immediately. Under such circumstances Ausgrid will carry out the necessary restoration work at no cost to the customer.

Annual Report

The ring-fencing Guideline requires DNSPs to submit to the AER annual reports outlining compliance efforts to meet ring-fencing obligations each regulatory year. Download the 2020/21 Ausgrid Ring-fencing Compliance Report.

Information Sharing Protocol

You can read our Information Sharing Protocol here. Ausgrid is committed to fair dealing and to encouraging competition in contestable markets in compliance with the Ring-fencing Guideline.

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