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Ausgrid Plans for 2024-2029

Draft Plan Cover

Every five years, Ausgrid is required to submit a plan to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) that details our proposed service delivery, costs and hence prices for the next five-year period. Our next regulatory proposal covers the period 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2029. 

We have engaged extensively with our customers and stakeholders on what they value and their priorities for the future, and their feedback has helped shaped our proposal for 2024-2029.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve engaged over 4,000 customers and analysed 40,000 of their comments to develop this proposal. The process has included publishing our first Draft Plan and acting on the extensive feedback received from our customers, partners and stakeholders.


About Ausgrid's Draft Plan

We are planning for the future to give communities the power in a resilient, affordable, net zero future. Determining the right path for the future of energy is important but challenging. We would like your help to make sure the services we offer, and the grid of the future meets customers' needs.

Our Engagement Approach

Our engagement approach for Ausgrid's Draft Plan for 2024-29 is based on five engagement principles:

  • Accountable - Do what we say we will do, and encourage customers and stakeholders to hold us to account
  • Inclusive - Provide information from customers' and stakeholders' perspectives in a convenient, timely and accessible format
  • Collaborative - Partner in the design of alternative options and the preferred outcome where possible
  • Dynamic - Be progressive , open to new ideas, and prepared to change based on feedback from customers and stakeholders
  • Transparent - Be as open as possible on the role of stakeholders and customers in the decision making process

Ausgrid Regulatory Engagement Principles
You can find out more about our customer engagement process at

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