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Locking systems

Find about Ausgrid's restricted Electricity Metering (EM) locking system.

Ausgrid has a restricted Electricity Metering (EM) locking system for installations in its network area. These locks permit access by the customer and authorised Ausgrid staff.

Installation on all new sites, and in the event of damage and faults

All new sites requiring Ausgrid master keyed locks require the installation of the EM Utilities locking system. The EM locking system must be installed when replacing existing damaged or faulty locks.

Technology and Security

  • The EM locking system uses Abloy Protec locks that are available as padlocks, commercial and residential cylinders and key safes. All master keys are protected by world-wide patents and cannot be duplicated without the correct authorisation. Superior type master-keying possibilities are also available.
  • All EM locks can also be keyed to allow access by other electricity distributors, water, gas and telecommunication authorities.
  • Universal master keys of these locking systems are restricted to Ausgrid staff only. It is the responsibility of the owner of the electrical installation to allow access to their switchboard for any works that they initiate.
  • Note: This locking system is a restricted locking system, not a high security system. It must not be installed on doors which give access to any rooms or areas in which portable articles and equipment of any value, personal goods and the like are located.

With a full range of locking options, the EM locking system can be used for many purposes such as securing meter boxes, entry gates, building entries, meter rooms and enclosures. The EM locking system is a cost-effective way of providing access without the cost of moving electricity meters. The full range of EM locking options, including master keying and multi-utility access, is available from Integrity Locksmiths & Security.


For all residential, commercial and trade inquiries call the EM Call Centre at Integrity Locksmiths on 1300 664 582 or visit their web site.