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Network Drawings

Find the technical drawings relating to Ausgrid's network standards below.

Overhead Mains

Overhead Mains Technical Drawings

Network Standards Drawings

NS113 Technical Drawings - Site Selection and Construction Design Requirements for Chamber Substations

NS114 Technical Drawings - Electrical Design and Construction Standards for Chamber Type Substations

NS116 Technical Drawings - Design Standards for Distribution Equipment Earthing

NS117 Technical Drawings - Design and Construction Standards for Kiosk Type Substations

NS119 Technical Drawings - Street Lighting Design and Construction

NS122 Technical Drawings - Pole Mounted Substation Construction

NS124 Technical Drawings - Specification for Overhead Service Connections up to 400 Amps

NS125 Technical Drawings -  Construction of Low Voltage Overhead Mains

NS126 Technical Drawings - Construction of High Voltage Overhead Mains

NS128 Technical Drawings - Specification for Pole Installation and Removal

NS129 Technical Drawings - 11kV Joints and Terminations - Paper Insulated Lead Covered Cables

NS130 Technical Drawings - Specification for Laying Underground Cables up to and Including 11kV

NS135 Technical Drawings - Specification for the Construction of Overhead Sub-transmission Lines

NS141 Technical Drawings - Site Selection and Site Preparation Standards for Kiosk Type Substations

NS143 Technical Drawings - Easements, Leases and Rights of Way

NS168 Technical Drawings -  Specification for the Design and Construction of 33KV, 66KV and 132KV underground cables

NS171 Technical Drawings - Firestopping in substations

NS172 Technical Drawings - Design requirements for cable jointing pits and vaults

NS177 Technical Drawings - 11kV Joints (including Transition Joints) & Terminations -Polymeric Insulated Cables

NS195 Technical Drawings - High Voltage Customer Connections (HVCs)

NS201 Technical Drawings - All Dielectric Self Supporting Fibre Optic Cabling for Installation on Poles

NS208_2_2 Technical Drawings - Telecommunications Substations - Communications Cabinet Interconnectivity, February 2013

NS260 Technical Drawings - Sub-Transmission Feeder Earthing

NS264 Technical Drawings - Major Substation Lightning Protection and Insulation Coordination

NS268 Technical Drawings - Specification for Design and Construction of Waterway Crossings