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Electrical safety rules

Ausgrid’s Electrical Safety Rules (ESR) govern the way work is performed on or near the Ausgrid network to ensure the ongoing safety of our people, contractors, ASPs and the community. The ESR apply to all persons carrying out work on or near the Ausgrid network under the Electricity Supply (Safety and Network Management) Regulation 2014.

All workers working on or near Ausgrid’s network must ensure they comply with the requirements of the ESR and have a copy of the latest edition readily available at the work site.

The ESR Appendix A – Work on or near live exposed low voltage mains and apparatus – Task List, lists the tasks which may be considered to be performed live, subject to those tasks meeting the requirements of the live LV work planning assessment process, as outlined in section 9.5.1 of the ESR.

ESR Update 2022/1

Ausgrid Electrical Safety Rules