ASPs and Contractors

Confined Spaces


Ausgrid is currently undertaking a review of the way in which is manages its confined spaces, including how third parties access Ausgrid confined spaces.

As you may be aware, the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations impose a number of obligations in connection with confined spaces and the WHS Regulations also apply to Ausgrid’s confined spaces, even if it is not Ausgrid’s personnel accessing the confined spaces. This means that the WHS Regulations require Ausgrid to ensure that, in accessing Ausgrid’s confined spaces, third parties and contractors comply with the WHS Regulations.

Your respective personnel and contractors may from time to time need to enter Ausgrid’s confined spaces in order to undertake work and all entries will need to be undertaken in line with the WHS Regulations and as detailed in the Australian Standard for Confined Spaces AS2865-2009.

Ausgrid is progressively arranging for the confined spaces to be appropriately signed and has prepared a register of identified confined spaces (attached) which it will continually update. However, in the meantime, Ausgrid wishes to remind you, your personnel and contractors of their obligations under the WHS Regulations.