Technical Documentation

Technical drawings NS113

Technical drawings provide supporting documentation for Ausgrid's Network Standards.

48849_sht1 (150kb)    Multi-blade Fire Damper Details

53680_sht1 (149kb)    Standard substation Design Basement Substation Chamber Louvre Selection table

117632_sht1 (115kb)    Basement Substations Typical Fan & Damper General Arrangements

117633_sht1 (130kb)    Basement Substations Exhaust Fan Damper Details

117634_sht1 (162kb)    Basement SubstationsCO2 Pipework Brackets & Tripwire Details

117635_sht1 (130kb)    Basement Substations CO2 Items 1&9 Details Typical Inlet & Exhaust Ventilation Damper Arrangements

184970_sht1 (251kb)    Chamber Type Substations Fire Protection CO2 Pipework, tripwire and Triggres Arrangement and Details

43140_sht1 (252kb)    Distribution substations details of standard louvred doors

48009_sht1 (144kb)    Distribution substations details of standard weatherproof louvred and guide vane panels for ventilation ducts

18894 (341kb)    Sydney CBD Type Substations & Control Points Emergency Pull-Out Gear Operating Equipment Typical Arrangement.

25121   Substation Earthing Typical Installation of Earthing Electrodes

28949 (114kb)    Personnel and Equipment Hatch Installation

38630 (214kb)    Underground Substation Personnel Access Ladder Mk4 Arrangement

42416 (121kb)    Basement Substation Fan Mounting Plate (*Sydney CBD Substation only)

48008 (143kb)    Standard Substation Design Construction Details Miscellaneous

50740 (136kb)    Transformer Hatchcover and Rebate

56197_01R12 (205kb)    Wall Mounted CO2 Connection Box.

63678 (217kb)    Substation & Cable Pits Pulling Eyes

178229 (254kb)    E Type LV Board Supporting Steelwork General Arrangement


191085 (240kb)    Customer Chamber Substation HV Pit Construction and HV Switchgear Support Steelwork

224407_sht1 (184kb)    Standard Surface Chamber Distribution Substation Single 750 or 1000KVA Transformer  Layout 1

224408_sht1 (180kb)    Standard Surface Chamber Distribution Substation Single 750 or 1000KVA Transformer  Layout 2