Technical Documentation

Technical drawings NS171

Technical drawings provide supporting documentation for Ausgrid's Network Standards.

125652 (77kb) Conduit collar for small diameter conduits

128113 (149kb) Mortar seal for cable slots and cable risers - indoor

128117 (98kb) Mortar or cable brick busbar seal

128118 (130kb) Spare conduit seal detail

128119 (165kb) Pillow seal for cable trench

128120 (100kb) Pillow seal for cables in floors or walls - indoor

128121 (88kb) Pillow seal for cable and cable trays in floors and walls - indoor

128123 (92kb) Cable trench coating near oil filled equipment in external yards

128467 (117kb) Mortar seal for new cable slots - indoor

128468 (120kb) Mortar and pillow cable duct seals for floor and wall penetrations - indoor

128469 (163kb) Mortar seal for transformer tails

128473 (128kb) Brick Seal for cable trenches

184895 (77kb) Floor Seal – Spare Switchgear Cable Slot Seal

190509 (87kb) Mortar seal for Outdoor Floor Penetrations Slab on Ground

208655 (78kb) Cable Slot Seal: Used for cble openings through floor slabs

208657 (64kb) Cable Slot Seal - Alternative Configurations: Used for cable openingsthroug floor slabs

225716 (153kb) Substation Bunded Areas Bund Floor Penetration For Secondary Cables

230284 (129kb) Cable Brick floor penetration seal – Power Cables – indoor

232355 (23kb) Steel busway duct penetration seal