Distribution and Transmission Annual Planning Report 2023

This 2023 Distribution and Transmission Annual Planning Report (DTAPR) presents the results of Ausgrid’s annual planning review of both its distribution and transmission (dual function asset) network conducted since the publication of the previous DTAPR. This year, the DTAPR has a summary report to enhance the communication of Ausgrid’s key business strategies to the community and market participants.

Access the DTAPR mapping portal at dtapr.ausgrid.com.au

Interact with our zone-substations and sub-transmission layers through an online portal, to facilitate easy access and viewing of information.

The objective of the report is to provide:

  • transparency of Ausgrid’s decision making processes to assist non-network providers, other network service providers and connection applicants to make efficient investment decisions
  • information on Ausgrid’s distribution assets planning process, covering a minimum five year forward planning period
  • results of Ausgrid’s annual planning review, asset condition and other limitations of sub-transmission and distribution assets; and the potential credible solutions to address these limitations
  • third parties the opportunity to offer alternative proposals to identified network needs, including non-network solutions such as demand management or embedded generation
  • timely indication of the planned commencement dates for projects that will be subject the Regulatory Investment Test for Distribution
  • information on Ausgrid’s demand management activities and actions taken to promote non-network initiatives each year
  • descriptions of significant changes to identified network limitations and credible solutions.



As part of the updated DTAPR reporting requirements, the following associated data sheets and limitations table are provided. 

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