Network planning

Committed projects


A committed project, in accordance with the AEMC's definition, is a project where:

  • the proponent has obtained all required planning consents, construction approvals and licenses, including completion and acceptance of any necessary environmental impact statement
  • construction has either commenced or a firm commencement date has been set
  • the proponent has purchased/settled/acquired land (or commenced legal proceedings to acquire land) for the purposes of construction
  • contracts for supply and construction of the major components of the necessary plant and equipment have been finalised and executed, including any provisions for cancellation payments
  • the necessary financing arrangements, including any debt plans, have been finalised and contracts executed.

The capital projects committed prior to the 30 January 2018, are exempt from the regulatory investment test consultation process, following the AEMC rule determination. The projects listed in the Network Investment Committed Projects 2020 report in the link provided meet the committed project definition and are exempt from the RIT-D process. Large development projects above $5 million are required to undergo the regulatory investment test process. Information about these projects can be found here.