About your connection


Before you connect

If your premises are within the Ausgrid network area we are obliged by law to offer you connection services if you apply. We will also consider applications from customers outside but nearby our network area (see 'Getting connected').

Building or modifying a connection

When you apply for a new connection or to modify your existing connection, you must enter into a connection contract with us that defines the technical requirements of the work, and fees and charges beyond the costs of your electrical professionals. For most customers, the terms and conditions of this contract will be one of our ‘model standing offers’. A model standing offer includes Australian Energy Regulator (AER) approved terms and conditions. 

If one of our model standing offers does not suit your connection needs or they are complex, you will need to negotiate a contract with us. For example, no model standing offer covers a non-micro embedded generator. However, anyone is entitled to negotiate a contract with us.

If you wish to negotiate a contract with us, you must follow our connection negotiation process.

In some instances your connection contract may require works to be undertaken by Ausgrid as standard control services. Where these works are substantial (nominally over $1 million or more) and the augmentation is initially only for your benefit we may require you to provide a security fee to ensure our costs are adequately recovered from you through a Deed of Guarantee of Minimum Revenue.

Model Standing Offers

Select the connection contract that applies to your connection requirements.

After you are connected

Our service obligations to you are set out in the contract that covers your ongoing connection. Most customers are covered by our Deemed Standard Connection Contract (DSCC), which will incorporate any site specific conditions agreed in your connection contract. All customers also have the right to negotiate an ongoing supply contract.

Deemed Standard Connection Contract

For a connection to our network, the terms and conditions of the Deemed Standard Connection Contract (DSCC) apply on the date the connection is electrified.

The DSCC covers such issues as:

  • maintaining electrical and metering equipment connected to the Ausgrid network at your premises
  • registering any life support equipment at your premises with your electricity retailer or us
  • any small generators at your premises that are connected to the network
  • the wrong or illegal use of electricity
  • Ausgrid’s right to access your premises
  • Ausgrid’s right to interrupt or disconnect supply after giving notice and our obligations to reconnect
  • payment for our connection services
  • your obligation to comply with certain specific and unique conditions relating to your premises that applied to these premises before you occupied them (these are known as ‘specific conditions’)


Additional protections for our small customers

Ausgrid is required by law to deliver an ongoing supply of electricity to small (in electricity usage) customers to the standards required by:

  • the Electricity Supply (General) Regulation 2014
  • the National Energy Retail Rules.

A ‘small customer’ is either a customer with a:

  • residential property
  • business property that requires up to 100 MW hours of electricity per year.

For more information see Guaranteed Service Levels

Need information from us to plan your connection?

If you are planning a new connection or changes to your existing connection you might want some information about likely costs or timeframes, or technical details about our infrastructure. You can find this information here.